Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend in action

Of course it is not over, but I am taking a chance and declaring this weekend a hit. I think we all relaxed and had fun without any major hiccups. Today started out with these: blueberry scones (recipe courtesy of I have cut out coffee due to my pregnancy, and have stored the coffee pot safely out of reach. Martin doesn't normally drink it and I got tired of seeing it sit on the counter - empty and untouched. Today I had a cup - a grande non-fat vanilla latte kind of cup- courtesy of Starbucks, and it was delicious.

The photo below is Erika. Saturday night we were outside finishing off dessert and watching a TV program when Martin snapped this. She looks a little relaxed don't you think? It was great since Martin and I both got to watch the majority of the show.
We did the pool on Saturday afternoon and it was a hit. I think we decided to sign them up for swim lessons next month. I initially thought I would just take the reigns and do it, but two of them and one of me is still a little too much. All the energy in their little bodies is so hard to harness and control - even for them! I think a professional is in order. The only downside to the weekend is Erika broke out in a little rash yesterday. There were a few red spots on her tummy. Today there are more. I feel a visit to the pediatrician coming. No other symptoms have showed up, so I really hope it is some benign rash and not some weird insect bite or worse . . . a virus.

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