Monday, April 23, 2007

Making it fun

I meet a mom whose twin girls are a few years older than mine. A few years is a long time in toddler years so I hope to be able to accomplish what this particular mom has done to some degree as the girls get older. She makes every day fun. Now, I am not with her every day, and in fact, when I am with her our children aren't usually around. But I really do believe her when she tells me this and her personality backs up her statement. My problem is I don't know how to make each day fun and different. Other than three meals, our only "have-to-to" time constraint is nap time. It would seem logical that we could have great adventures every morning and/ or every afternoon. It just doesn't happen though. I think my girls have fun each day, but we do a lot of the same stuff. I get them outside as much as possible and I avoid doing errands or shopping with them unless I have to so they aren't strapped in their stroller for hours while I mark off my to-dos. I feel good about that. But I also think I could do more. But what? That folks, is my dilemma. Right now they are into nail polish thanks for their friend, Taylor. Thanks Taylor! I painted their nails the other day, but of course they didn't sit still long enough to let them dry. Then they got upset because part of the polish was scraped off. Today, we made an outing to let them pick our their own color, they had to agree on the same one, and I promised to redo their nails after naps. The color is fuchsia (great). We will take it slow and do thin coats. I think this is fun for them, but their attention span is so short that it is only fun for about 5 -15 minutes. I guess the best thing is to make it a point each day to try something new or explore a new spot. I also wish they could just say, "Hey Mom, let's . . . ." That day is coming I'm sure. Until then I will just give it my best.

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Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Maybelline Express Finish nail polish is a must--dries in less than a minute!