Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knitting mission complete

If you have read my blog then you have probably picked up on the hints I have dropping for months; I have been fiddling away at a knitting project and it is finally complete. Relief! The project and pattern were not terribly hard, but the lace portion was about to do me in. I will not be attempting another pattern that has lace for quite a while! The pattern is June is for Jag and I picked it up, along with the yarn, while in Florida this past summer. I saw a cute yarn shop while scouting out a book store with my sister one afternoon. Lorena Haldeman was very helpful and friendly. The pattern was probably a smidge beyond my knitting level (again, the lace - UGH!) but it was the bump I needed to move to the next level, so to speak. The true pattern is for a scarf, but I altered it a bit to make a wrap. I am hoping to get lots of wear out of it and the the TX winter weather is just right for a light, wool, wrap. Right now I am working on a hat for Aidan. A plain and simple hat. Knits and purls, easy and simple. I hope to have it finished in weeks, not months.