Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday musings

Another thanks to Stacy ! I have a whole HTML cheat sheet to play with. Thanks so much!
Nothing has been happening here, hence the lack of blogging. Martin is gone till Thursday and I have been doing the bare minimum here at the house (I know that sounds terrible, but it is honest). Aside from keeping the girls busy and entertained, I don't have any ambition to start anything. May just be the first trimester slump. On the bright side, everyone is healthy, the weather is sunny and there may be a splash park in our weekend plans. I just need to call and make sure it is open. We haven't been in the pool yet - the water is still too cold for me- but continuing the girls' swim lessons is a big priority for the summer. We should be able to start soon. Well, I am going to post now to see if my link worked . . . here it goes. Have a great weekend!