Friday, April 6, 2007

Spilling the beans

Thank you Stacy at Mamasdoodles (! Erika and Ainslee are loving their new tails! My favorite is when they wear their tails & ride their tricycles. It makes me laugh every time. The above attire (minus their tails) is the summer pj uniform. I hope to be substituting panties for diapers in the near future, but at a mere 2 1/2 years I still enjoy seeing them free from clothes whenever it is appropriate.
We had much cooler weather today for our zoo outing. It was a great visit. We joined four other moms and rambled around the lush, tropical setting. The paths allowed the children to walk and/or run for almost the entire visit which suited all of us just fine. Erika & Ainslee spent a lot of time studying the reptiles and exclaiming "I found it" when a little snake or lizard would come out of hiding. The larger cages and bigger animals would hold their attention for a short time, but then they were ready to move on.

While talking to one of the other moms she was asking about our move and the house (blah, blah) when she stated: "Your stomach . . . how are you feeling?" Well folks, another little bundle will be joining us in October. My little family is very excited, and judging from my friend's reaction I won't be able to conceal our news much longer. I will be 12 weeks next week so it seems a little early to already be showing. It has been nice to have it as our little secret for a while, but I am ready to start sharing the news. A few more hours and we will be off to our first official Easter weekend egg hunt. I am hoping that after today's activities the girls will have no issues sleeping soundly tonight.


Stacy said...

Good for you and letting the babes be free. I did that too, but it creeped my husband out. The Mr. was always wondering "what the neighbors think."

And, maybe you'll earn a little credit with the next kiddo production. Those gals sure look like their daddy!! (mine does too, and I always wonder how I carried her for so long and managed to make a mini-version of my husband).

Congrats to your family again! :)

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Happy, happy news! Congratulations...babies are the best!