Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bossy kids and chow time

Bossy kids are a drag. Especially if another kid is being bossy to MY kid. Today we had an incident with a little girl. It was minor and no injuries occurred but I became very defensive. A little girl not much older than my girls pushed Ainslee. I was standing right there and witnessed it happen. I calmly asked the other little girl not to push anyone and just wait for her turn. Her response was an whiny noise and a furrowed brow. Her mom quickly came up and explained she could not push and the whole nine yards. I feel extremely uncomfortable directing other children and keep a close eye on my two so that I will be the one to catch naughty behavior. This is the second thing this same little girl has done this week that has ruffled my feathers. I realize there is teasing and hurt feelings in their futures, but I hate to see them bullied or hurt when they are so young and sweet. On a happier note, dinner time has taken a turn for the better. I have moved the girls out of the high chairs and they have joined us at the table. My husband usually turns on some music and we all sit around and have dinner together. This is new for us. My husbands previous job had a long commute and he often ate out with clients or business partners. It was pretty usual for the girls and I to eat and then he would warm up left overs once he got home if he hadn't already eaten. I am not sure that our routine will continue once we all relocate to TX due to his work schedule there, but while he is here and working from home it is part of our routine. The other bonus, the girls are eating so well lately. I am beginning to think I will have to increase the amount of food I make since we haven't had anything left over for days. I can only say that my heart is happy when I see them spooning bite after bite into their mouths and then asking for more!!

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