Monday, April 9, 2007

A PJ Day

This is what I discovered in our back yard during the egg hunt. It is mini-version of the bird of paradise. Beautiful!

I had such great plans for Easter. They were all accomplished but I did them ALL in my pj's. Seriously. Baskets, breakfast and some dinner prep work was done first thing in the morning. A shower and a fresh pair of pj's late morning, a nap for me during the girls' nap-time, dinner and egg hunt and the last of the Masters in the evening. All in pj's. This is highly unusual for me, but it wasn't even a second thought yesterday. Today was anything but a pj day, which is all the more reason I am glad I took advantage yesterday.
Martin has a noon flight to TX tomorrow, and Ainslee has already complained about not feeling well two days in a row. Not sure what the coming week has in store . . . .

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