Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stopping in & catching my breath

I have been trying to notice how toys are grouped from day to day. I have been taking random photos and will do a post on it - someday. I love the way each daughter groups toys in equally random ways. The little crawly scorpion staring up at you - he was a surprise my husband picked up at the Phoenix airport last week. It coincided with the little wind- up caterpillars my daughters acquired the very same weekend. Cute stuff.
So, my mom is visiting from Florida. She is here for another week. The time is flying by & I feel like we are getting a lot accomplished, but I am also wondering if we can get it all completed before she leaves. She has been a tremendous help and has made my day-to-day life less rushed. Her visit came about the same time I was beginning to feel completely & totally overwhelmed.
We have been sewing, talking, cooking, running the two oldest girls to pre-school & picking them up. It is so great having adult company here during the day. I love it.

(this photo has no relevance to the post - but I do love the combination especially when sauteed with a little butter. Yum!)

This has been consuming our time. She is doing most of the sewing & I the knitting. I am much further behind, but we are both getting there. It is fun and it is what I needed to broaden my understanding a little. My skill level doesn't reach the expectations of my ambition when sewing (one of many things) is involved, but she is teaching me many, many things. I hope to show off the finished products in a few days. We are still outnumbered by children, so we can't guarantee how long we can work on something before some little one asks for something or some even littler one needs to eat, but you all know how that goes.

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Katie said...

sounds like you are having a great time with your mom!