Monday, March 10, 2008

The return of Monday

Wow - it is here again. I am serious everytime I say this - but the time flies by. Good days & bad days alike. Yesterday was perfect weather - today is not so great. It is very rainy which means the next few days will be muddy. I was making some phone calls during a quiet moment when the house grew very dark. I had to turn on a few lamps for extra lighting and it reminded me of being in grade school. I can remember how cozy it felt on a dark, rainy day to be inside in the fluorescent-lit class room working away on assignments. I had that same feeling this afternoon. Anyway, this weekend was pretty productive. I made a gift for a friend's baby. That is huge for me -as an adult, I have never made a gift for someone other than knitting dish clothes. This particular gift was not a dish cloth. So, I got it wrapped up today and realized I didn't take a photo of it! So, I guess I can't share that, but I will tell you what it is once it has been received. I started my knitting project again. This is round 3 for me. I am having a heck of a time understanding a particular part of the pattern so I have enlisted the help of a friend. I am meeting with her tomorrow to have her explain what I am doing wrong. After tomorrow I should be able to complete the project in no time. Did I just jinx myself? I guess we will see.

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Katie said...

oh, I remember those dark rainy days too. so cozy and fun!