Friday, March 14, 2008

Just in time for Spring - a wool sweater

Hi All - project complete. I feel like I am on a roll lately. Pretty gratifying. I didn't mean to toot my own horn in my last post about making a gift and all, but considering I have sewn about 8 times in my 33 years (when I say "sew" I should actually say "patch" as in holes, hems . . .). I was feeling a little full of myself that I had completed something that was worthy of giving. Make sense? Anyway, I have finished my little knitting project, and it is little:

I first saw this and loved it so much that I wanted to try it. Then I went here and thus began my first knitted sweater.

Erin was very encouraging and sweet when I verbally drooled over Helen. I have yet to start the actual critter portion of the project (see note above re: sewing - this will require more sewing) but have enlisted my mom to help while she is visiting. The little sweater, while cute from a distance, is pretty crazy looking in spots. I think it will end up on Aidan's Raggedy Ann doll so that it will be put to use, but I am hoping the second sweater (and 3rd, and 4th) will go a little more smoothly. I'll let you know. Back to knitting. Have a great weekend!


Stacy said...

so tiny! I've never tried knitting. I'm convinced I'd be terrible at it! :)

house on hill road said...

wait until you get it on your critter! it will make the biggest difference once it is being worn! trust me.