Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sick day for one

This photo was taken a long time ago - more than three years. Erika and Ainslee have done pretty much everything together and have reached a majority of their milestones with a day or so of one another. The only time they spent the night apart was when one was hospitalized with croup, and then days later the other was diagnosed with croup and had to stay in the hospital over night.
This morning Erika woke up with a double-whammy of pink eye and is home bound. Ainslee is at school. It is a little sad, and Erika doesn't quiet understand why we can't go and get Ainslee. She keeps asking though. To perk Erika up after dropping of Ainslee I drove through and bought her a doughnut. She ate part of it and then said she was going to save the rest so Ainslee could have a treat too. Sigh. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a twin sister. I am so very grateful that I know what it is like to have twin daughters.


Julie said...

How sweet of her to want to share her doughnut with her sister! Although my sister and I are two years apart, I loved growing up together... and I often wish my daughter had a sister.

Java Mama said...

Hi Julie -
My sisters are a decade older than me, but I get to hear all the storis of them growing up together. I am glad that my three girls will have one another and be close in age. Your are lucky!