Monday, March 3, 2008

Rain, Rain, it's okay

What is the best thing to do on a rainy day? Cooking? Yep, me too. The weather didn't quite hold out for our park plans, so it was an indoor day instead. I made whoopie pies. Look good, huh? Want to make them yourself? Check out Philigry for the recipe. They are very tasty. Erika said they look funny, but I don't think she will mind after she tries one.
Whoopie pies, a big batch of Chicken Spaghetti, and chalk rainbows. That was pretty much our Monday up to this point.
Happy Monday!


Julie said...

Thanks for the recipe link... they look delicious! I love baking and trying new recipes.

Katie said...

oh, I am glad you enjoyed them! chicken spaghetti! that is one of my favorites. you look like an excellent cook!

Java Mama said...

Hi Katie - there is a mere one Whoopie pie left! I promised the girls they could split it tonight after dinner! You have totally won me over - compliment my cooking or tell me I keep a clean house and you are my new best friend!