Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sitting for a spell

There is a mellow mood in the house right now. There is some music in the background along with the washing machine's spin cycle, I have a fruity Italian soda (I wouldn't drink this unless the kids were asleep because they would ask for a sip, and another and so on). Oh, and the girls are sleeping, all three. It is nice. Erika still has pink eye but it is so much better today. I think she will be able to go to school tomorrow. I would hate for her to miss Texas week. Tomorrow is the party so she just can't miss it. This was her yesterday. I guess she got tired of asking me a gazillion questions and resolved to sit and "read". I love how she uses her finger to follow the words which she can't yet read. Ainslee does it too, but she follows right to left. That is a telling sign she really isn't reading!
This is my arsenal. It is still germ warfare around here and I am not slowing down until I know that the pink eye virus is gone. The linens and hard surfaces are incessantly getting washed. I thought I was careful last time pink eye hit, but I am trying so hard to keep it at bay this time.

So, last night after everything was cleaned, all girls were tucked in, and I had prepared for this morning I flopped into bed and started a new project (below). I love the yarn. It is a soft pink color. I threw the paper away that had the yarn's official color on it, so I am not even sure what it is, but I like it. It is a wool blend. I have never knit with this before and it is so much easier than cotton. There is more give. I am not very far along, but I have mentioned that I am not very quick yet. I don't want a bunch of do-overs (I have already started over once) so I am taking my time. I will post a photo and explain it all when I am further along. I think I will try to do some more knitting now while the house is still all quiet & mellow! See ya'.

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Katie said...

soubnds like a nice afternoon. Oh, pink eye. that is so hard. especially trying to get the drops, or gel in the little kids eyes. I can't wait to see what you are making!