Sunday, July 1, 2007

Family Outing

Our first Texas outing was to Kemah. Our choices were Kemah, the Houston Zoo, or the Galleria. I was up for any and all and we will hit them all eventually. Kemah turned out to be perfect for the girls. It is close to a Marina so we spotted lots of boats, we saw a school of Mullet swimming (spotted by Ainslee), lunch by the marina and tot sized rides for the girls.

The weather was overcast which was a huge blessing. It is definitely more humid here than in FL and the clouds provided great cover for our fair family.
The girls had a great time so we all had a great time. Isn't that how it works at this age? The ride home even consisted of a ferry ride. Try explaining to 3 year olds: "Our car is on a boat and we are being boated from the island to the mainland." They didn't quite get it and kept asking to ride the boat when passing the other ferry.
The evening was quite. Baths & early bedtimes for all. Today I am hoping to go see a movie with my MIL while she is in town and maybe even a kid-free lunch. The opportunity doesn't come often! Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Stacy said...

Nice! Love those little dresses!