Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meanwhile back in Beaumont Land

Well, the girls and I are at an all-time low in productivity. That is how it feels anyway. My husband's work has kicked into high-gear the past couple of weeks, and he is back in marathon-training-mode for a January marathon. I feel as soon as he walks in the door from work, he changes and heads back out for a run or gym time. Part of me is jealous that he is physically able to do it. The pregnancy is definitely slowing me down - not that I was in marathon shape before I got pregnant. I am sure once this baby arrives I will have no interest in training for such a run, but right now it sounds great!
This past Sunday was a wet one here and we ended up spending it at the zoo. The weather broke and it turned out to be nice, but the first hour or so we were spent dashing in between raindrops looking for indoor exhibits. The girls got to pick out new umbrellas from the gift shop which was a huge hit, and luckily I had two in the car for Martin and myself.

Other than our weekend day trips to Houston, not a lot has been happening in my corner of the world. I am trying hard to find entertaining things for us to do, and some days are successful. I have big plans for the weekend which involves me & my sewing machine. I have read the manual and think I am ready to make friends with it. We will see how it goes. Martin learned to sew as a kid, so I think he can probably come to my rescue if I need it, but I really want to do this myself. I will let you know how it all turns out!

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Stacy said...

Wishing you great luck with befriending that machine. I think I need to get back on my own machine's good side. Things creatively, have been a little stagnant for me lately!! Sigh.