Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Big Day

I am a little shaken by today's event. This is coming a full year earlier than I anticipated. I registered the girls for preschool. School starts in September. That is roughly eight weeks. That is it! I know the girls are ready for this. I am not sure I am. I get knots in my stomach when I read the information packet that they gave me. These photos are what I consider our "school" here at the house. Art supplies and odds & ends that help me entertain the girls when outside play is not an option or when we just want to use our hands.

Pretty skimpy compared to what the preschool director showed me today. The preschool's art room looked like so much fun. I would be tempted to toil away a couple hours in there myself. They will also have a music room, a class room and an imagination room filled with toys that can be used & played with in a variety of ways.
I read about a neighborhood that had a back-to-school breakfast the first day of every school year. The parents would pack the children on the school bus and then meet at a designated house to have Mimosas and breakfast treats. I thought it sounded like such a fun idea, but I am guessing that I won't be in the frame of mind to celebrate school starting quite yet. Maybe I will host a similar party for kindergarten.


Stacy said...

We're starting preschool in September too. However, I feel guilty about the lack of guilt I should be having.... Tee..he..he! I'm actually looking forward to those two afternoon sessions per week. But, I am miffed about possibly ceasing the daily nap because of it!! (more guilt).

Java Mama said...

Hi Stacy -
I am sure you have the healthier outlook. I know my girls are ready for the stimulation, and I am sure Kenzie will be the class artist at her little school. I am concerned about the nap issue as well. Maybe they will just nap harder on the remaining days?? I am looking forward to back-to-school shopping and leaving fun little notes in their lunches. It will be good for all.