Thursday, July 19, 2007

Putting myself out there . . .

I have called two SAHM groups since arriving in TX. So far I have not met up with any of them, but I am making plans to join one next Wednesday for a park outing. Never mind the fact that their playgroup starts about the same time my girls usually go down for naps, but I figure the girls will love to skip their nap and we really need to make an effort to make some friends. The group has no national affiliation and consists of 25 members. Judging from their website & myspace webpage many are younger than myself and have at least two kids. I don't know why I feel any hesitation to go other than they all know one another and I will be the "new kid" so to speak. Not a good feeling. I am sure they are all nice and I know I will have plenty to talk with them about since we are all women and moms. My husband says it is a girl thing, the standoffishness that women can vibe out to one another. I understand what he is saying, and I recognize it, don't understand it, and do it. Weird. Guess it is all part of being a woman. Normally I will talk to anyone who makes eye contact, but there are those times I just don't feel like talking or introducing myself and prefer to pretend I am invisible. I guess that may be what he picks up on??
On the pregnancy front, I had the YUCK-O glucose test today. After fasting and then drinking the syrupy-sweet orange goo I had to then sit in the tiny, off-white sitting area for one hour and wonder what my children were doing to my husband as they were all at home. Turns out they took it easy on him and all were happy when I arrived back home. Hopefully the test results will come back in the normal range. After getting two wild girls down for naps I plopped in front of the computer and gobbled not one, but two salami & cheese sandwiches. I know deli meat is a no-no during pregnancy, but fasting should be too!

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