Thursday, July 5, 2007


After signing the girls up for preschool I was feeling a little down and wanted to do something really fun with them after their naps. The weather here is very wet so outside play is rarely an option. I opted for some inside play - baking cookies. They had fun and I tried to ignore the flour on the floor and little fingers in the batter.
They were pleased with the results and got a pre-dinner cookie treat. Just to clarify the guilt I previously mentioned: I have nothing against preschools, but I also know that if I weren't having a third baby then I wouldn't be sending them to preschool for another year. The guilt has diminished and I know they will have fun and that they are ready. I just feel a little selfish is all.
We had a family outing to the OB today. I met my new doctor (very nice) and we had an ultrasound which revealed another girl! Three little girls. I can only imagine the fun they will have together. My husband is totally outnumbered now but he just smiles. I think he actually likes it. Of course he likes it. He is Daddy. Number one man in the house. I am thrilled. I am also relieved I kept so many of the girls clothes. This little lady will have quite the wardrobe!