Thursday, July 26, 2007


This was this past weekend's project that didn't get started till today. This is my first sewing project aside from hemming one pair of pants about three years ago. This is not looking great. It is a test project for another applique that I want to do. This is an idea I got from Erin at She makes it seem so easy. These are the problems I am having:
* the fabric is not laying flat which I think I can use a bonding fabric to eliminate this problem until I am more comfortable with my machine, but if anyone has advice . . .
* my stitches are very herky-jerky but I think this is a comfort thing too. However, if anyone has advice on how to move the fabric while stitching to make a smooth, continuous stitch please comment. I am all ears!
* I am not stitching close enough to the edge of the fabric. I chose not to finish the edges before appliqueing to the shirt this time. I think once I get the stitches close enough to the edge of the fabric I will be please with the edges.
If anyone else with an experienced eye sees anything and wants to comment please do. No hurt feelings here. I really want to reach a comfort level with my machine so I can do these types of fun projects in less time that the scary piece above took me! Have I mentioned I am open to advice??

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Stacy said...

Not bad for a first try! Really! You're being too hard on yourself.

A fusible webbing (cut out to match your shape) will hold it in place, although I really don't use it much. Sometimes, I'll even just tack the thing down with fabric glue in a few spots.

I actually like the look of the frayed edges on some things, and will just use the straight stitch along the edges, so that it "weathers" in the wash. Or, I'll do the zig-zag along the edge if I don't want that to occur.

"Driving" for me, is something that with time you'll grow comfortable with. I just raise my presser foot when I need to make a turn, twist the fabric around, and return to sewing. With practice, you can do it really fast after awhile.

Nothing terribly helpful here - but I think your instincts already told you.. Practice makes perfect. :)