Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Groundhog day

It has been a week of having sick toddlers around here. Let me tell you - I have a feisty one and this past week has revealed a whole new level on her feisty-scale. My husband said she reminds him of me. I guess she had to get it from one of us. I am hoping the sick-cycle is nearing the end as I am beginning to feel like I am living the movie Groundhog Day. I can never remember if movie titles are supposed to be underlined or italicized - either way. I hope I am Andy McDowell and not Bill Murray just from an aesthetic stand point! Every morning we have gotten up after having a rocky night's sleep, gotten breakfast for both girls at which point one of the girls will start crying and will need to lie on the sofa. I have worn a trail in the floor from the sofa to the fridge, filling orders for Gatorade or sprite and applesauce. That is all they really want and that is what they are getting. This too shall pass . . .
On a crafty note, I have finished two more frames that are intended for my nephews. One will be six & the other three. I have so much fun painting these. I have one more to do for my little niece and then I think I will do one for us to have at our house. They are lots of fun to make!

Happy August - can't believe it is already here!

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