Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home again

The trip to Grandma's house was great. The girls were pretty good for the most part, slept well, ate well, listened selectively. Typical three-year old behavior (or so I am told). We tried our best to stay cool.
Grandma assisted in a couple baking projects. We got to lounge around quite a bit, and after the girls were down for the night my MIL and I got to watch movies. I think I saw 6 movies in about five nights.
My MIL likes the occasional evening cocktail and has created some pretty tasty ones. Since I am not able to partake right now she would make me a fizzy cranberry cocktail. Very yummy: tonic water, cranberry juice, and few cubes of ice and a slice of lemon and lime. The proportions of tonic to cranberry are about equal. It is a great summer time mocktail. Give it a try. We visited the Saturday morning market and I stored away an idea for a headband cover that I think I should be able to handle. I also have some plans for some more appliqued shirts and trying my hand at some hair bows. I have one more photo frame to make for a cousin that is partially finished. My point? I feel like I have lots I want to do and need to do. I am hoping that once pre-school starts I will have uninterrupted time to start & finish some of this stuff. Not to mention getting ready for a certain little baby. October 22nd is the big day. I report to the hospital at 6 am. Good thing I only live 4 minutes from the delivery spot! One plus to having to have a c-section: knowing exactly when I get to meet the newest little one. Hope everyone's summer is winding down nicely.

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Stacy said...

Sounds like nesting is in full swing. :) 10-22 is my favorite brother's birthday!!! :) It's a good day indeed.