Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pregnancy hands & feet

I am at THAT stage. My ankles & hands look pudgy & feel tight. Turning over at night is a major chore and I am just flat-out-sit-on-the-couch-tired. But, there are two little girls to manage & entertain so I keep going. I am not complaining necessarily, just stating the facts. I am uncomfortable (that is a complaint), but that is part of the process. Pretty soon, too soon, it will all be over & our little family will be five strong.
The last cousin frame is complete. I am mixed about it. I like it but would change a couple of things. I would still like to make one for our house so I can easily rotate family photos, but I will see if that happens. I think each set of frames has improved & it is just fun to sit down and paint. I bought a small canvas and have started painting it, but haven't decided what is going to go on it. Sorry for the shadow, but you can get an idea of the finished product. This cousin has a December birthday so I am ahead of the game. Feels good for a change.

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