Thursday, August 30, 2007

School is F-U-N

Wow, I am so excited for the girls to start school. Tuesday is the big day. We had orientation tonight and it was a great introduction for the kids & parents. Their class is small and the teacher seems completely competent and up for the task at hand. My biggest thrill? Packing their school lunch. I know: NERD-ALERT. It all goes back to my love of food. The girls received back packs and matching lunch boxes for the birthday a few weeks ago so they are all geared up, now I just have to make sure the back packs & lunch boxes are properly loaded up. I have been checking out various websites to get ideas of what to pack and so far the best has been under the section: back to school. If you are in school mode with your children and get stuck on ideas for lunches then I recommend checking out their site. It is pretty useful & nothing too complicated is on the list. Also, if you are a lunch packing pro then drop me a note. I am always up for a good idea!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Praying the first day of school is a good one for all three of you! And your enthusiasm for packing lunches is great...somehow I can never get excited about it. We go to a "nut free" school and PBJ is the only sandwich my kids will eat. Grrr...!

Fernanda said...

Hi Sam,
my children are also starting school on the 12th September,my 5 years old girl, first year at the kindergarten and my litlle 6 years old boy on the first year of elementary school; am pretty anxious about that but at least am not stressed with their lunch, they will have lunch at home, before leaving to school. Also in Portugal schools have cantines and most all children have lunch there. As I undersand in U.S. school don't provide for kids lunch, right?
Anyway, good luck for your daughters, hope they enjoy school very much, and good luck to you ;)!
Have a nice week!