Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coming together

We have preschool orientation in two days and I believe classes start next week. Crazy. It boggles my mind that three years have passed and that the plans I made months ago to put them in school are now coming together. Time flies. It is pouring rain here and does not appear that it will stop any time soon. The house is dark and the girls are staring out the windows looking for more school buses to drive by and giving me weather updates ("Mom, it is raining"). I have a two small projects that I should be able to complete today. I did work on some hair bows, but I can't seem to duplicate the bows that the girls currently have. Mine didn't turn out horrible, just different than expected. Hair bows & barrettes don't seem to stay in their hair long anyway. These will definitely do for now.

We are off to Austin on Saturday to meet up with a friend of Martin's from high school. I have always heard such positive things about Austin and am looking forward to seeing it for myself. I am hoping for nice weather & happy kids - everything else is icing.

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