Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine blahs

This week is going by pretty quickly. Things are progressing with the sale of our house, and we may be making an offer on a house in TX tomorrow. Martin is a pretty good judge at stuff like this so I trust him to pick out our next place, but I do miss being involved (in person anyway). The nice thing is the home is new construction and almost finished except for the cosmetic stuff. So we may have some influence on what goes in. I should be feeling elated, but I am feeling so-so about it all. Very hum-drum. The girls received their good basket after waking up from naps. The little bags contained small stuff that they love and accumlate in their "purses" and then drag around the house. They also contained gummy bears. Those disappeard very quickly! It was fun to see them so excited about it all. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Lastly, to anyone who has read previous posts & comments, I want to make a public apology to a fellow blogger for publishing her comment after she asked me not to. I believe everything has been remedied, and I have turned on the moderate comments option. Again - I am sorry.

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Stacy said...

New song for you - Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap. Just added it to my running music. :)

I just get "lost" in it.. kind of funky and unusual but so beautiful. I like a lot of your running music too, so I thought you might find it a good listen too.

you can preview it here: (it gets better after the cut though...)