Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lazy Days

The weekend flew by without much fanfare. We skipped the kite festival once we realized that you had to park at one location and bus to the park where the kite festival was held. With two toddlers and 1.5 hours till lunch time we didn't trust that we could get back to the car in time. Instead we headed to a great local park and then out to lunch where the girls decided to have a melt down - both at the same time. Thank God Martin is a quick eater. He swooped the girls out to the car while I got the rest of the lunches boxed. This is the first time this has happened where I wasn't able to get the situation under control. Martin was patient, I was angry. It is hard enough getting Martin to go out to lunch or dinner and after Saturdays episode I know he won't be in a hurry to do it again. That isn't why I was angry. I was angry because of my total lack of control over the situation, and I was still hungry. I am sure that won't be the last time a major meltdown occurs. Things have been calm since then and we are having some lazy days. No rushing around here or there like usual. We did check out a GREAT furniture store today. It is all imported from China, Indonesia and other great places. I found about four things I loved and Martin found two. All were already sold but it was fun to look. They have another shipment in two weeks. I am hoping we can make another trip back before Martin heads to TX again.

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