Friday, February 9, 2007


I have had knots in my stomach for days now. The stress is getting to me, and I know it won't completely go away until we are settled in another house and back in our old groove. Inspections happened yesterday and ours went well other than some minor things. Thank God my husband is handy. All our "conditions" should be repaired by days end. Our buyers had some larger issues, but I think things could still work out fine. Until I know for sure I will have knots!
My days are filled with phone calls to movers, our realtor calling, me calling her, trips to Goodwill, list making. My downtime is spend reading blogs. I have said it before, but there are some crafty ladies out there and they inspire me to make great things. I am really looking forward to finding a new home and making it our own. My crafty attempts are stalled for now, but will resume once things slow down. First thing on my agenda after relocating are sewing lessons! Of course there will be researching preschools, finding a gym, a church, some other misc. activities for the girls, but THEN there will be sewing lessons. Off to call the movers - again.

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Stacy said...

oh dear. I know all too well, what this is like (i've sold 3 houses, & bought 4 houses in the last 6 years). Be well..and let good things come as they may.

Isn't the creativity in blogland amazing?? :) (I find it overwhelming too.) Can't wait to see yours blossom...