Friday, February 23, 2007

Big sigh of relief

Martin comes home today. Perfect timing. All three of us girls are sick and I need his help. The past 12 days have flown by and have been pretty uneventful in a good way, but I am ready to have him home. He has one more trip out to TX by himself before we all make the move. Yah!!! Due to coughs (girls) and my soar throat we are staying away from the gym this morning. Instead we will hit a park since the weather is so nice. On the crafting front I have made some progress. The girls baby books are caught up - the photo portion anyway - and I have re-organized about 85% of their baby photos. I have started on my niece's birthday present and am pleased with it so far, and I am working on a fabric flower that I saw on this blog: (tutorial is on this blog: Unfortunately it is not turning out very well. I have stitched it together twice now and have torn it apart again. Third times the charm (I hope). The past two nights I have also made a large dent in the book I am reading: Living Simply: Choosing Less in a World of More by Joanne Heim. I am enjoying the book very much. Some ideas, no matter how simple, can be so evasive. Her book sheds light on simple ways to simplify. Now, having noted all the progress I made I am sure things will come to a screeching halt with the male half in the house. Why? Not sure, but that has been the trend. On Sunday a local park is hosting an international kite exhibit - I am thinking it will be a great family outing, and I hope to have some great photos to share.

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Stacy said...

Happy to hear you sounding so upbeat even with a full case load!

I'm going to email you a tutorial that Beki of Artsy Crafty Babe did. I've always made my flowers this way and find it simple... (see just another way to make life simpler!!)