Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two sassy haircuts and one sad Mama

The girls had their third haircut yesterday, but it should actually count as their first official haircut since there was a definite loss of hair for the first time! Underneath those light brown fly-aways and wayward curls were two little girls. Where did my toddlers go?

The sassy, spunky little girls that entertain me daily now have haircuts that suit them. Their sudden toddler-to-little-girl metamorphosis is enough to make me cry.

On our move: we have a contract on our house, the inspection & appraisal have taken place, and we have a contract on a house in TX as of today! We should be in TX by the first of April. Lots of stuff still needs to happen, but things are going well!

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Stacy said...

what cute hairstyles!! Kenzie has had very slight trims, but still doesn't have enough hair to justify a "style." I'm happy the buying and selling of the nests are going well....