Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Waiting and waiting and waiting

Our house has been on the market for months now (five). We have had many showings and many compliments, but no contracts. My husband started working for a new company and has been commuting across the country for months now (five) while I care for our girls and take care of things here. Well, we had a very spur-of-the-moment showing over the weekend which resulted in a couple "loving" our house. They have since decided to put their house on the market so that they can buy our house specifically. The whole situation seems odd to me, especially since they live less than five miles away, but I am grateful that a potential buyer is motivated to buy our house. I don't have my hopes too high as we still don't have a contract, but at least someone has fallen in love with our house just like I did three years ago.

On an entirely different note: GO GATORS!!! Outstanding job the other night. Don't be deceived as I am not a huge sports fan (I am married to one though), but I always want the Gators to win.

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