Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just your average Wednesday.

Monday was a good day until 10:30pm. Erika was sick that night and started throwing up about an hour after she crawled into my bed. Tuesday was an amazingly good day considering the night E. & I had, and the fact that we didn't leave the house once. The girls played with their dolls & puzzles, and I did mountains of laundry. Wednesday - well it has been a good day too. We resumed our normal routine now that everyone is feeling well again.

This afternoon we spruced up one of the flower beds. The girls love being outside and find everything interesting. Today it was a moth. The poor moth was at death's door, and Erika & Ainslee helped it through the door a little faster. They are not delicate girls - a tap is usually a thud, and it was just too much for the ailing moth. The hoodies they are wearing may give the impression it is cold -it is not. They decided it was suitable to wear the hoods up. Who am I to argue?

Entirely different topic: my husband ran the Houston marathon on Sunday. This was his first marathon. His running time was 3:44. I wish his cheerleaders could have been there! I am pretty proud.

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