Sunday, January 14, 2007

Never wake a sleeping baby.

I have heard the above phrase a lot. Funny thing is when the girls were baby-babies it was close to impossible to wake them. Only in the recent past has it become easy to wake them up. The need never occurred often, thank God, until our house went up for sale. This past month has kept me in a tailspin between holidays, traveling, decorating, undecorating, Martin in and out of town AND showings. Today I had to keep the girls up and out of the house (aka: entertained) an hour past their nap time for a showing. The real kicker is I had to wake them up 1 1/2 hours later to leave the house again for a different showing. Now, as I was making the bed up this afternoon in between showings I was cursing the anonymous people and praying at the same time that they are "the ones". My sweet girls were so well behaved considering they were totally robbed of a decent nap time. The whole day has been (1) mall, (1) restaurant, (1) food court, (2)parks, (1) bookstore and (1) craft store ( not that I totally mind shopping AND eatting out, how am I supposed to potty train amidst this chaos?). For now they are nestled in their beds, soundly sleeping, and soon it will be my turn!

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