Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bloggy Weekend

My husband and I were driving home Friday night when I realized something. We are becoming the family I never thought we would be: Martin was driving our SUV, talking on the cell phone and listening to the radio (it was on anyway). I was listening to my iPod, and our girls where in the back seat mesmerized by Tom & Jerry on the DVD player. My husband and I agree on how we want our lifestyle to be: environmentally friendly, and we do prefer simple living. So how did we get to this? I am not concerned, but I have removed the DVD player and screens from the car since they are only meant for long road trips. I am careful of accumulation and acquiring stuff. I want to use what we have and have what we need. I am not a believer in conspicuous consumption and want to raise our girls to be gracious, aware and grateful.

On another note I have spent some time reading blogs this weekend. I have come across a few new ones which is always fun, but can be time consuming. These women are amazingly talented. I really want to sew and am envious of people who can do it. It reminds me of a saying I heard a decade or so ago. I was freshly out of college and was working in a business that I didn't think suited me and I felt a little scared by it all. All I remember is the saying: "you are what you do every day". With that in mind I do try to engage the girls in different activities and I enjoy being creative. There isn't a whole lot of time to commit to it many days, but I still try to make it a focus in our lives. I currently have a small project in mind and bought some materials today. Since I don't have a stash of crafty items I am trying to gradually build a supply. I am very excited about my new purchases (a sampling is posted above).

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