Friday, January 19, 2007

There goes the neighborhood.

This past week there was a robbery from a home in our, usually very quiet, neighborhood (I can look out of our office window and see the very house). The theft occurred during the day. The same day I was here all day because Erika was recovering from a stomach something-or-other. Then tonight I get a call from the neighborhood watch that an armed robber is on the loose in or around our neighborhood. The helicopters were flying overhead, there was a road block on the corner outside our subdivision. Apparently, this armed robber had hit up a gas station and was on the run. Unfortunately, he ran our direction. Of course I am here by myself with two little girls to look after. They are totally oblivious, but I am hyper-aware. I have every outside light on, the alarm is set, and I won't be able to sleep unless the 11 o'clock new announces that this insane person has been caught. If I weren't scared, I would be very mad at this person who so selfishly puts innocent people in harms way and has no respect for himself or others. I am beginning to agree with with my husband. We should just pack up and move to some nearly deserted place and live very quietly.

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Joanne said...

Are you okay? I hate it when stuff like that happens and I'm all alone. Being scared is just so awful!

Praying for you...for peace and safety and calm.