Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whiz, bang, whirl

Whiz, whirl; that is the pace I feel things are moving around me, even if I am not keeping up. Do you ever feel like this - I already know the answer is yes, so you don't even have to respond. Wow. My sister, mother of three, always said that after two kids "it" didn't matter. "It" being open to interpretation. I should check back and have her define "it". I think she felt that after two kids the work load for 3, 4, 5 were all the same. WRONG. Or, I am doing something WRONG. Not sure. I love having three children, but it is crazy.

Our trip to Arkansas was great. We all had such a good time and no one wanted to return home as early as we needed to. We were having too much fun. The funny thing is we all just hung out together. There were seven children ages 6 yrs - 5 months, 8 adults, lots of food, talk, catching up. So nice. But, being home is always nice too. I returned home and was promptly thrown back into our routine. As a result I have had two consecutive nights of incredibly good sleep. The daffodils are from my MIL's yard. She orders bulbs from Washington state every year. I just love the color of these. They look like a little audience, so attentive and orderly. Well, I have a few things to post, but pictures are required and I have a lot of photos to upload and sort before I can share. It is all on my list. Catch up more soon!


Stacy said...

...looks like you're managing 3 kiddos with style and grace from here!!

Philigry said...

that does sound like fun. I agree with you. three kids is really fun, but really, really, crazy. For me, it was that third child that made it seem a lot harder than having just two.

Java Mama said...

Thanks Stacy - did it sound like I was fishing for a compliment? I'll take it either way, but don't be fooled for one second!

Java Mama said...

Hi Katie -
The third one is definitely what threw me off. Or having two demanding toddlers. Or just three total. Who knows. It is just hard! I guess it is supposed to be to some extent. Enjoy your three and your pretty weather!