Monday, April 21, 2008

Meet the new gang

I had to stay home on Friday to wait for a service call, so I took the opportunity and finished up the dolls that I started over a month ago! It is funny that reading one little blog entry can set off a production of sewing & knitting in a house far away. Erin completely spurred this project, by her post and then her encouraging words. Thanks Erin. It was fun, I got to work with my mom on it and the girls love their new dolls. These are from Wee Wonderfuls, doll patterns & sweater patterns. I have an idea to sew some simple dresses for E & A's dolls so that they can change their clothes, but I am not sure when or if that will really happen. Ainslee ended up with the yellow bear:
Erika picked the blue bear simply because it sports a pink bow:

Aidan received the button-free white kitty:

I am so pleased that I started the project AND finished it. I am ready to start sewing some more, but I don't know what to start. I could start on E & A's twirly skirts . . . I bought some fabric and am ready. Just need to find some uninterrupted time. Other than the dolls we had a relaxed & warm weekend. Hope your weekend was great!


Julie said...

Your dolls came out great! I really need to try my hand at sewing again... I keep saying I want to start, but I end up overwhelmed and procrastinating.

Philigry said...

those dolls are so sweet! love them!