Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh-boy. What happens to a mama when the daddy leaves for two days? The mama gets very tired. TGIF. Thank God the daddy returns today! To keep hands busy (aka: avoid "empty" time which is inevitably filled with arguing & fussing) we have been trying to make cards. There are a lot of birthdays on the horizon, not to mention father's day, so I am trying to create a supply to have on hand. It is working out well. I had a pad of canvas paper in our craft stash and cut the paper into fours so they are more or less postcard size. We are painting/ decorating one side & the other side will be where we write the message. It is a fun project. I also have an idea to do a book to record our summer activities. I am thinking I will make two and have each of the girls fill in what we do. I haven't worked out any details so if anyone has an idea or has done this before let me know. I would love to hear. E & A will be four in August so a written journal is not an option, but if I can do a photo/ drawing journal of some sort we may be able to stick to it.
Our weather has turned warm & the splash parks are open. Time for salads & light meals. It is nice, except there is no turning back now. It will go from warm to boiling in about two months time. Oh - I almost forgot why I titled this "Sweet". Well, I was woken up this morning (6:30 - not bad since I was the only adult here) to E & A whispering. They knew I was asleep and were trying to be quiet while they got up & went potty this morning. I could here: "shhh, Mama's sleeping, whisper, whisper, shhh. " We are making progress. Six months ago they would have just come barrelling in asking for juice & cereal. Sweet.


Stacy said...

ooh, I need to reprogram my girl to be that sweet!

Philigry said...

i love your idea about the summer project books! i am glad your hubby is back! i hope you got some R&R last weekend!
i didn't use a pattern for the dress, just the top of a tank dress pattern, and I improvised on the rest. my favorite kind of sewing!