Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A full day at home

My husband took "my" car to see about having a recall item repaired. I feared his car would not house all three car seats so I told him to just leave then in my car. Me & the girls are having a full day at the house with no way to escape. So far so good. Last night I started decorating for Christmas and worked on it a little more this morning. I am at a stand-still until my husband puts the tree up. We baked oatmeal cookies, prepped tonight's dinner and did laundry. The girls did a great job of entertaining themselves when I was working on things that didn't interest them. Aidan did what she does best - sleeping. I am still in my pj's and would love to crawl into bed & take a nap, but instead I will be putting on my painting clothes to finish up a project I started months ago. I bought a table & chairs for the girls and rather than having it finished I decided to paint it. I have always favored neutral colors and would have probably painted it all white in our previous house, but since moving into this rental house and having every wall white I have started to crave color. The table & chairs are a combination of pinks & reds. So far all I have managed to do is paint the table, and part of the chairs. It is supposed to be part of E & As Christmas present, so I really want to complete it before we leave for Arkansas. Shouldn't be a problem if I could only rip myself away from the computer!
**The photo has nothing to do with the post - just haven't included one in a while. This was taken on a nature walk in FL over Thanksgiving**

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Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

LOVE days like that...home and pjs!