Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just be present . . .

Today I received a message that hit home. It was a "ah - ha" moment, and it was so simple. It just took hearing it from someone else to make it sink in. The message was that the best gift we can give another person, any person, is to be present. This past month my mind has raced to keep track of things I needed to do, wanted to do, or felt were so important that they just had to be done. I even blogged about it. Mean while I have three little charges that could not care less about 90% of that list that was getting longer & longer. I told them more than once during the past few weeks, " just go watch TV for a minute, I am almost done." Even as I said them, in the moment, I knew it was ridiculous. It felt necessary at the time. So my goal for this holiday season, and forever, is to make sure my priorities are in check and to be present in the lives of three little girls that I love so much.
Having that in mind when I came home this afternoon I set up a family plan for this evening that went rather well. After the girls napped we decorated the tree and had a yummy stew for dinner. There was even some story time and photos squeezed in. I hope it sets the tone for the remainder of the week. Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Julie said...

What a beautiful family photo.... and a great message about being truly present! I need to keep that in mind, especially during this busy holiday season.

Java Mama said...

Thanks Julie. It is hard to keep in mind; I wish it came more naturally for me. That is way I am grateful for little reminders & people who help me to remember! Have a great weekend.