Monday, November 12, 2007

A quick HI . . .

I am not sure when I will figure out a schedule to check e-mail, read all with my fave blogs or update my blog with some more frequency. Twice in three weeks seems a little inadequate, but I will figure it out. Eventually. We are off to my mom's house this coming weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday so this may be my last blog for a while again. Thanks for your comments. It is so much fun to receive them even if I am a slacker & don't respond.
So, for the past three weeks I have had my mom here or my MIL. HUGE HELP!! I haven't lifted a finger to clean or cook. I have received many, many meals from my MOMs group. What a life saver. The meals have all been delicious and it is so meaningful to receive a meal from each of them since I know they are busy as heck with their families. It is such a thoughtful gesture. I am trying to think of some fun way to reciprocate once I get the above mentioned schedule in place. As of yesterday we are on our own. I feel like I am on my own, since I have all three gals by myself all day, but to give credit where it is due, my husband jumps right in once he is home. He has been great.
Yesterday was a blah day. I managed to get all the girls ready and we made it to church. While there I saw a little old lady, probably in her 80s, sitting behind me dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. She looked soooo sad. Throughout the service she kept dabbing and I kept wondering what or who made her so sad. I had to leave the sanctuary early to find the cry room since Aidan needed to nurse, so I didn't introduce myself, or say anything to her. I am awful in these situations 99.9% of the time, but I really think yesterday was a day I should have made the effort. Also in church they mentioned veterans and asked for all veterans to stand. It made me think of my dad, who served 30 years in the USAF, which made me shed a tear. The day I told him I was pregnant with his sixth grandchild was the same day he passed away. Now that Aidan is here, it makes me very sad that he isn't. I am so glad I told him and so grateful that he got to know Erika & Ainslee. I only hope that they remember him even just a little. Aidan has dark hair just like me & just like my dad. I like to think she got it from him just like I did. So, I was a little tired and sad at this point in the morning. I came home, we ate lunch, and I was ready to relax. As usual I did a load or two of laundry. All is well. Martin's watching football, I am reading, the girls are all sleeping and the hum of the dryer is . . . wait - why isn't the dryer humming? Because it is broken! The first load is partially dry and the second load is in the wash waiting to be dried and now NO DRYER. These are just the small, unrelated events that led to a sad, blah day.
Today? Much better. A very kind man came and repaired my dryer before 10 am for less than $60.00. I was dreading the thought of dragging three kids out to to buy a new dryer. Now I don't have to! I also managed to get up and showered before my husband left for work. I took all three girls to the park, picked up lunch, and got them home & down for naps at the usual time. Yeah!! I think that is pretty good for my first day alone with my three children. I hope tomorrow goes as well or better!

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Stacy said...

I'm sorry for your sadness. That's a heavy load of thoughts, even without the new mama hormones. However, sounds like you're holding together well and you've already accomplished much more than I have for the day!!