Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm feeling better

I am feeling better about stuff. My last post did not exemplify anything positive and there are so many positive things around me. I am disturbed by the recycling, or lack of recycling, and I am looking into alternatives. My water is clear, laundry is caught up, children are bathed. All good stuff. My two oldest girls are really growing up. They are tall and lean. No squishy parts to squeeze. When I give them hugs I can feel muscles and bones. They are little girls.
My baby is a toddler with plenty of soft, squishy parts which I take full advantage of and squeeze often. I know these years go quickly.

I am working on another scarf. This one will be a burgandy Malabrigo worsted yarn. I have six more rows and 3600 stitches. I plan on finishing it tonight on my way to see a friend. I am flying to Denver while the girls hang out with their dad for the weekend. I am not sure what he has promised them while I am away, but they aren't complaining about me leaving. It makes leaving a little easier. Be back next week. Have a great weekend.

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