Friday, May 8, 2009


I had a funny, kind of silly, and very slight of frame librarian in elementary school. Her name was Ms. Tippins. She always seemed fragile due to her small size and soft voice. When teaching us the Dewey Decimal system and getting us familiar with the library she instructed us to say "Eureka!" when we found our book. So, that was the first word I though of when I found this article: Press Alabama Chanin. It is funny some of the odd things we remember. Anyway, I have been looking for this article for months. I know I read it and had the hard copy at one point. We have 50+ magazines floating around our house at any time which made the search so difficult. About twice a year I can't stand it any more and pass on or get rid of heaps and piles of magazines ranging from The Economist to US Weekly ( don't judge!). I'm sure it got tossed during one of those tantrums. Anyway - for those that enjoy Southern culture, food, Alabama Chanin or all of the above - check it out! Have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommies!!

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