Friday, May 15, 2009

Yo! Yo! Yo!

We have two more days of pre-k school left, next Monday and Wednesday. I am awful at thinking up fun and cool teacher gifts. How exactly do you say "thanks for watching 2/3 of my children 3-days-a-week, encouraging them, disciplining them, being an example for them, making sure they don't get hurt and tending to them when they do."? I am not so sure what that answer is, but this year whatever our "thanks" ends up being it will be decorated with yo-yos. I have been making them for the past two days during quite time. It is almost as much fun as knitting. I think I just like busy hands (mine -not the kiddos). This is as far as my idea got before I was side-tracked. I am thinking a gift card in the tins and then decorating the outside:
I got a little side-tracked when I though about adding some yo-yos to a tank. I think it turned out cute. Maybe a little too cute (like 4-yr-old cute?). I'll see if I wear it before going any further, even though I have some Amy Butler fabric that would look cute on a white tank or tee.
Have a great weekend!

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