Friday, April 24, 2009


Brown water, recycling abandonment, more brown water. It has been a couple of days filled with disappointment.

This is my washing machine bowl. It is horrible. 5 pm today will be a 24 hour cycle of brown water spewing from our faucets. The water department is supposed to be working on it, but I have not seen an improvement. The upside? Not doing laundry, dishes or baths until the situation is cleaned up. Grrrr! I am fantasizing of living in a green city; recycle containers on street corners, fresh, clean water. Oh yeah - our little city here has decided to give up their recycling efforts. Due to the economic climate, increased recycling costs, blah, blah, it is no longer advantageous. We didn't even make it a full year. All of this is seeping into my blood resulting in a toxic mood.

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