Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Creative thinking

Between three children and two nap schedules it would be so easy to never leave the house, but that would not be good for any of us. Today was wide open with only one required stop to the dry cleaners. We headed downtown to a thrift store that I really like, but the store was gone. It was here in March, but now it is one large empty space. Not sure what happened. We made our way back towards home and stopped at another thrift store that I like almost as much. It was still there and then some. The store looked as if it had exploded in a semi-organized way right out the front door. There was stuff everywhere. A visual feast for sure. The owner whisked my two oldest girls upstairs to work on some watercolor painting (big selling point for shopping mama!) and Aidan & I browsed. There were a couple of things I spotted and continue to mull over but the four little treasures below came home with us. They have been warmly received in E & A's kitchen. These just happen to be four of E & A's favorite grocery items too.
My rule of no TV (they still watch TV, I just don't have it on 24/7 and I am really trying to eliminate it from our morning routine all together) has challenged me to find ways to entertain the girls so I am happy to add to their toy collection if it supports my efforts to spur creative play. As a result of no TV this morning a magical transformation has occurred. Our laundry room became an elevator. The room is located off our kitchen and has a pocket door. I can totally see why they picked this little spot as the elevator since it is boxy in shape when the pocket door is closed. This morning they packed their "briefcase" and headed up the elevator to their office. They played happily for quite some time. They get all the credit too. I love seeing their minds at work and seeing what they come up with. So, there is still no creating in the tangible way, but lots of imaginary creations taking place.

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Poshyarns said...

Oh I love those imaginary games, I love when they play nearby and you get to listen, unobserved. Such precious moments.x