Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nurse Mom

We have halted all fun summer activities to allow for some little ones to recover from summer time viruses. Ainslee was hit the hardest. For a week she had a fever, then didn't, then did and the the grand finale was a all-night-stomach-bug that kept her running from bed to bathroom crying "my tummy hurts". I felt awful for her. She is all better now and back to her silly ways.
Baby Aidan's just started. Right now it is a runny nose and the occasional sad face accompanied by tears. I hope this is the worse for her. We don't see many pouts or tears from this one, so we know she isn't feeling great.
Tomorrow starts a full and crazy three week stretch. I have been going over my schedule and making lists for this & that. It is all fun stuff (VBS, family trip) but all of it is time consuming on the planning side. I am ready to stop dosing out Tylenol and dive in to the fun stuff.

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