Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweet squared

It has been a sweet day. The weather has been great the past couple of days which has allowed a lot of outside time. We started this morning off with chocolate chip pancakes. This past summer I made pancakes just about every Saturday morning. I grabbed my cookbook this morning and saw the recipe for chocolate chip pancakes and figured I would give it a try. Martin was out of town so it was just the girls and I - all lovers of chocolate. I didn't realize they were chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips.
It turned out to be a little too much for me, but both of the girls loved them. We have extras which means they get to have them again tomorrow.
This afternoon Erika was the first up after napping. We sat outside on the glider, Erika walked around the yard picking little purple blooms and asked me to put them in her hair. I love when children ask for something sweet without having to be prompted by us adults. She does look sweet!
Well, Martin is about an hour from home, I have a bottle of wine ready and the pizza delivery phone number ready! Hope you are all having a great weekend.


Julie said...

I bet my kids would love chocolate pancakes... never would have thought to make them.

Java Mama said...

Hi Julie -
I typically like them myself. I should have stuck to the basic pancake recipe & just added in choc. chips. Either way - give it a try! Banana & choc chip pancakes are good too.