Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be Healthy

My blog title may seem a little ironic considering my last post talked about chocolate chip pancakes; all things in moderation. However, health has been on my mind a lot this week.
I am thinking about things I can change to improve and protect our lives. We are all fans of fruit & veggies which is helpful. Sunscreen is big in our house since we are all fair, but I know there is more I can do. I wish I was disciplined enough to grow our own fruits & veggies. I also wish we could go entirely organic, possibly even cut out red meat, and I would not have any problem cutting out chicken. That is my least favorite protein (although the Barefoot Contessa did roast a chicken the other day on Food TV that looked pretty good). Those are all a little too extreme at this point in our lives, but maybe one day.
The weather has turned cool again which gives me a opportunity to bundle up in some more sweaters, and there is a busy Valentine's day ahead of us. The parents have been invited to eat with our children at school tomorrow and stay for the Valentine's party. Sould be cute. Hope you all enjoy your Valentine day.

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Katie said...

i love your blog. thank you for visiting mine! i hear you on the moderation thing. i do the same in my house. i make all of our deserts with organic ingredients, so i figure that is better than buying the oreo's! your pancakes look so good.
Oh, i noticed you were an english major!! So was I! I will be checking back with you.