Tuesday, February 26, 2008

not feeling so good

This is the nest I made for Ainslee as she isn't feeling too good today. Notice she isn't in it? Me too. She is feeling bad enough to miss pre-school, but not so bad that she wants to stay in bed. I did what my mom always did - nice cool sheets on the sofa - but she doesn't want to stay there either. She does have a fever, but no other symptoms. It doesn't help that her sister is bouncing around the house. Ainslee is inclined to join in. Oh well. I'll just see how the day develops.
I almost took a photo of the car yesterday, pre-Goodwill donation, but it just seemed wrong. There was so much stuff; I felt a little glutinous. I finally decided that no amount of organization will make us fit in this house so it was time to clear out. I am trying to get it all organized for real before my Mom & MIL come next month. They will be here at the same time - a first. I am glad I am finally getting this accomplished & I am really looking forward to both of them visiting next month. Well, as I typed Ainslee crawled into her nest and is now curled up watching TV. See - I thought she would like it! Have a great Tuesday.

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Julie said...

Hope Ainslee is feeling better soon... I always set my sick kiddos up on the couch too. I hear you on the need to clear things out... I think we are finally learning that we need to get rid of things before we can be organized.