Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica

Jessica's mom and I met at the gym. Yesterday was Jessica's birthday party which we attended. This was the girls' first birthday party they attended that wasn't there own. This morning at breakfast they asked if they could go back to Jessica's house for more birthday parties. I think they had fun.

I was leery of going since I am on my own and attending the party meant the girls were going to miss their nap. We had a busy afternoon scheduled after the party and I wasn't sure how the girls would handle it, but not surprisingly they did great. Sabine (Jessica's mom) did a great job and we all had fun. The remaining afternoon was busy but not fun. We had people in and out of the house from 3pm till 6:45pm in preparation for the closing. The girls were a little cranky but it was manageable.

This was them at 7:30 pm. Sound asleep (in the wrong bed, but that's okay).

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